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2019 Artist Fellowship Emerging Recognition Award, DECD Connecticut Office of the Arts.


2020 "Fever Dreams" Solo Exhibition. MOYO Gallery, Fairfield CT.

2020 "Ananda, Claudia, Denise, Steph", Group Exhibition.  Wallworks NY, Bronx, NY.

2019 "Arts Night Out" Solo Exhibition, The Dirty Truth, Northampton, MA

2019 "Connecticut Fellowship Artists" Group Exhibition, Hans Weiss Newspace Gallery, Manchester, CT

2018 "JPO & Friends", Group Exhibition.  Milford, CT


2017 "Graffiti Garden", Group Mural Exhibition.  Miami Art Basel, Wynwood, Miami, FL

2017 "Superfine! Miami", Group Exhibition Fair.  Miami Art Basel, Wynwood, Miami, FL

2017 "Urban | Art Fair - New York", Group Exhibition Fair.  SPRING STUDIOS, Manhattan, NY

2017 "BXNY x NOLA", Group Exhibition with Crash, Bio, & Top Mob. BRAND New Orleans Gallery, New Orleans LA.

2017 "Maximalism",  Solo Exhibition.  Wall Works NY, Bronx, NY.


2016 "Sold Magazine- Issue 3 Launch", Group Exhibition.  Okay Space, Brooklyn, NY.

2016 "Powerful / Beautiful", Group Exhibition, collaboration with Gloria Zapata.  Wall Works NY, Bronx, NY.

2016 "Art for Bernie", Group Exhibition.  Artspace Gallery, Hartford, CT.

2016 "Get Free!", Solo Exhibition.  Noelke Gallery, Torrington, CT.

2016 "NY Primary Debate Party", Group Opening.  Image Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

2016 "Fantastic Four", Group Opening.  Wall Works NY, Bronx, NY.


2015 "Organized Chaos", Dual Opening with artist John Paul O'Grodnick.  Wall Works NY, Bronx, NY.

2015 "CRASH & Friends", Group Opening with artists CRASH, MadC, John Paul O'Grodnick, & Br163. Riverfront Art Gallery, Yonkers, NY.

2015 "Down East", Group Opening.  Pop Up Gallery NYC, Manhattan, NY.

2015 "Yonkers Arts Weekend (YAW)", Group Opening with artists CRASH, DAZE, Nicer, Nick Walker, Bio, Fumero & Br163.  Downtown Waterfront District Pop-Up Gallery, Yonkers, NY.


2014 "Open Gallery", Group Opening. Wall Works NY, Bronx, NY.


2010 "Platform", Junior/Senior Thesis Exhibition. Thomas J. Walsh Galler, Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT.


2009 "Wasteland", Solo Exhibition. Experimental Space Gallery, Fairfiled University, Fairfield CT.

2009 "Creative Scape", Junior/Senior Thesis Exhibition. Loyola Gallery, Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT.

Contracted Murals

2019 "Klub Kocka" Contracted Mural, Split, Croatia

2019 "The World Mural Project - WorldPride NYC | Stonewall50", L.I.S.A Project, Bronx, NY 

2019 "Northampton Public Arts Festival", Live Mural Festival, Northampton, MA

2018 "Pumpkin Festival", Contracted Live Mural, Two Roads Brewing Company,  Stratford, CT

2018 "College Street Patio", Contracted Mural, Two Roads Brewing Company/College Street Music Hall,  New Haven, CT

2018 "Ok2berfest", Contracted Live Mural, Two Roads Brewing Company,  Stratford, CT

2018 "Space Ballroom Patio Launch", Contracted Mural Event, Two Roads Brewing Company/The Space Ballroom,  Hamden, CT 

2018 "CONNArtist Challenge", Mural Contest Winner, Two Roads Brewing Company/Christy's Irish Pub,  New Haven, CT




2010 Dual BA, Studio Art/Film, Fairfield University: Fairfield, CT 

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