Steph Burr grew up in a small town in NWCT.  She began making art at 13 when her mother suddenly passed away from liver cancer.  She has been using art as a method of self-therapy ever since. 

Steph went on to obtain a dual BA in Studio Art and Filmmaking from Fairfield University.  While at Fairfield, she was always painting on walls and places she wasn't supposed to.  Her work was often criticized as “busy” and “overworked”. Despite encouragement from professors, the critiques left her feeling isolated and misunderstood.  


During the spring of her senior year, legenday Bronx graffiti artist CRASH held a retrospective show “From the 4 Train to Fenders” on campus. Steph attended the show and realized that there might be other people who could relate to what she was doing.  She had the opportunity to speak to Crash, ask him about painting trains, and even got to show him a few images of her work.  


Over the years Steph remained a huge fan of Crash’s work and was elated when he hired her to assist him in  painting of the historic Houston-Bowery wall in NYC.  Burr says that meeting Crash was a truly life-changing event and admits that she might not have continued making art if it were not for his encouragement and understanding of her colorful “busy” “overworked” style.

Steph is currently represented by Wall Works NY which is the passion project of Crash and entrepreneur Robert Kantor.  Her work has been featured alongside artists such as Bio, MadC, DAZE, and Nick Walker. Steph currently resides in Torrington, CT and has a studio in the downtown Arts District.